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Did we tell you about the photo shoot?

Posted by Shrink Ray on

As part of our collaboration, we set up a little photo shoot and thought we'd share some of the shots. Despite it being blazing hot, everyone had a blast and we couldn't be more thankful for the creativity and energy the kids brought to the photos. The unitards were the favorite of the group and a few of them covered the Ants Pants into hats! 
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PAOM Endowment, our application

Posted by Kimberly Hall on

We were at a trade show in Paris last September when we first came up with the idea for Shrink Ray. The idea was to create a shop that focuses on small things or perhaps even really big things (Shrink Ray's go in reverse) and overall could focus on the little things in life. We also half joked that it would be the perfect name for a line of kids clothes. When I saw that Print All Over Me created an Endowment to support artists and designers, I knew this would be a chance to push this Shrink Ray idea forward. I've ordered garments from Print All Over Me as soon as I discovered them as part of my print and pattern work for Nottene and loved the silhouettes that PAOM offers which ended up giving us a lot of ideas for prints. You can see from the sketches here that the final work evolved, even the photoshoot really changed the aesthetic of the collection. Having the kids wearing the clothes and experiencing the prints changed the whole vibe of it. I think that was the best part!

Many thanks to PAOM


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