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After a tiny bit of hard work (ha), our online shop is now open. We started Shrink Ray with the observation that people love small things. We wondered why this was. Sure, the small things matter, but really everything matters, right? Big things count. New jobs, moving across state lines, new friendships forged. Big, important stuff. But as the big stuff happens, our feelings are informed and memories preserved through the details. 

Doing the dishes, staring out the window of a train, how you say hello to someone on the street— a lot can happen in those few seconds. The smell of the soap is what you will remember when you got that important call. The smallest, most mundane, routine aspects of life are really important and deserve more attention. 

The things you have around your house form the memories of a place. Which things do you remember and why? Which have a story behind them? As kids we don't always remember the gift but we remember the playing with the box.  A mannequin hand, a brass number 7, a used strobe light, a tomato tie-- not the top of your wish list by any means, but in the end they were really the best. 

We hope you find some small moments in our shop. Small moments to share, and that become part of the bigger story in your life. Thanks for spending a little time here.

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